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1. name. maggie
2. age. 15 (16 in less than a month..DRIVING!)
3. location. connecticut
4. favorite bands. rilo kiley; elliott smith; bright eyes; son, ambulance; le tigre; the shins; the white stripes; the black keys; cake; neutral milk hotel; the microphones; yeah yeah yeahs; franz ferdinand; the velvet underground; sorry about dresden....this goes on
5. favorite movies. requiem for a dream, romeo+juliet, fight club, LOTR series (haha i'm a dork), trainspotting, l'auberge espagnol, y tu mama tambien, garden state
6. favorite television shows. i don't really watch TV..however i've been watching a bit of TLC recently (trading spaces and while you were out, etc) and being the dork i am, i love it...when i'm not on vacation though, i don't have any time
7. favorite books. the sound of waves-yukio mishima, on the road-jack kerouac, LOTR series..again, 1984-george orwell, brave new world-aldous huxley, anything albert camus wrote
8. favorite lyrics/quotes. way too many lyrics i adore, but a favorite quote of mine is the famous voltair quote, "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."
9. hobbies/intrest. i like taking pictures ( i just got a new camera) and i love acting, but any involvement in the theatrical productions at my school i enjoy. i like being with friends but i love being alone and watching movies, too, cause i watch a good deal of movies. i like to write, and i wish i could sing (well).
10. write us a haiku.
there are 3 fab mods
in the cool community
that's called distance_shifts

...i'm sorry, i'm tired
11. what makes you cool.not very much...er i guess you can judge for yourself
12. where did you find this communitty.browsing around livejournal cause i can't sleep
13. who did you promote to? http://www.livejournal.com/users/themoderndance/
14. who is your favorite mod? and why? they're all awesome and gorgeous, but i'd have to say brandi 'cause her username reminds me of something that makes me very happy

then post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself and a 200x200 picture for the members page. if you don't know how to resize we will do it for you.
i'm the girl..:

on the right:

i look bloated (and this was before i dyed my hair)


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